Lost Cities: Board Game Version

Researcher Meeple in Lost Cities Board Game

Are you an adventurer? Are you ready to lead your team of adventurers and one researcher into the distant lands in order to show your opponents that you have what it takes to win?

Then it is time to play Lost Cities, the board game version! In this game, each player has one researcher, and some explorers, all set with the task of discovering distant lands while gaining points from quick decisions on when to explore each path.

Board Game View of Lost Cities

This game has very colorful and creative artwork which is really necessary for capturing the imagination as you delve into discovering new lands while gaining your points along the way.

Lost Cities Board Game Researcher Meeple

Why this board game is good for 10 year olds:

  • It encourages imagination as a Researcher or Explorer
  • Competition is encouraged, in a fun way
  • Great for connection time of family and friends
  • Can spark conversations about other lands that have been discovered
  • Involves decision making to help sharpen skills

Lost Cities: Card Game Version

Box and player board

Are you ready to be one of two explorers that journey to remote corners of the world?

Discover the Himalayan mountains, the Central American rain forest, the Egyptian desert, a mysterious volcano, and the bottom of the sea.

As cards are drawn and played, routes of expedition unfold and points are earned by the two explorers independently (they do not travel together).

Cards in hand that determine exploration and points

Feeling extra confident? There could be opportunities for a friendly wager if you so desire and lead to extra points!

Game layout as you explore and conquer

Why this game is good for 10 year olds:

  • Discussion unfolds about world travel
  • Learn about other places in the world
  • Imagination unfolds as players not only seek to get points, but imagine the journey
  • Great for one on one discussion
  • Encourages friendly competition

Takenoko Board Game


Now it is time to travel to a simpler life where you compete with others to please the Emperor by creating the most pleasing garden of bamboo…while a hungry panda waits for it to grow so it can eat it!

A hungry panda ready to eat bamboo

The game pieces and game play of this tile based favorite are found by many to be cute to say the least.

Depending on the weather, each player gets to make different choices on how they will make the garden appealing, and win the approval of the Emperor.

The gardener makes everything grow better
game view
Game layout view
game view 2
Game view

We like to look up Japanese music on YouTube and listen to it while we play for extra ambiance 🙂

Shown in this video is a game move by one player to draw cards which give the player things to resolve, such as a tile layout, growing bamboo, or having the panda eat bamboo of certain colors.

Shown in the video below is a swoop through the game board and some of the pieces. Players also have a player card/board that they use for reference, storing their consumed bamboo, making their decisions, and more.

Why it is good for 10 year olds:

  • It encourages decision making
  • Allows for competitive fun
  • Lets one thing of growing things
  • Gets them away from digital screens
  • Encourages family time
  • Involves problem solving

Forbidden Desert: Cooperative Board Game

Forbidden Desert
Forbidden Desert

Get ready to take an adventure that may have not been exactly planned the way it begins…with a helicopter crash landing in the desert. Now, it is time for you and your crew to find water, survive the ever increasing sandstorm, and discover the pieces needed to assemble an ancient flying ship to get you out of there before you are buried in the sand forever.

Helicopter crash site
Helicopter crash site – where you begin your adventure

As you play the game, the desert storm intensifies and threatens to bury everything in its path…including you!

The desert
The Forbidden Desert – where you must excavate tunnels, hidden supplies, water, and the pieces for the ancient flying ship
Water discovered
Discover 2 wells throughout the game play – warning – one well is only a mirage!

Fly ship piece
Excavating a flying ship piece
schematic for assembling the flying ship
Schematic for assembling the flying ship
flying ship partially assembled
Ancient flying ship partially assembled

Why it is good for 10 year olds:

  • encourages cooperative game play
  • encourages social skills for discussing plans – as one wrong decision can cost the crew everything
  • good for problem solving
  • allows for decision making

Pandemic Iberia Board Game for 10 Year Olds

Let us step back in time to test our wits and will as we research various infections that threaten to cause a pandemic in the land of Iberia. This board game for 10 year olds is so much fun, and true to the Pandemic game theme.

Pandemic Iberia Map View with infections and train tracks

Are you ready to travel by carriage, train, and perhaps even by ship to prevent the pandemic that lingers during each player turn?

Pandemic Iberia Research
Pandemic Iberia Researched Infection Token

Test your decision making and observation skills as you travel about, researching diseases, making fresh water available, and more!

Why it is a good board game for 10 year olds:

  • Decision making skills are age appropriate
  • Observation skills are age appropriate
  • Theme overall is age appropriate
  • Can make a great discussion starter for children interested in entering a medical field
  • Can make a great discussion starter for children to understand the importance of helping others that have less resources, such as clean water