Forbidden Desert: Cooperative Board Game

Forbidden Desert
Forbidden Desert

Get ready to take an adventure that may have not been exactly planned the way it begins…with a helicopter crash landing in the desert. Now, it is time for you and your crew to find water, survive the ever increasing sandstorm, and discover the pieces needed to assemble an ancient flying ship to get you out of there before you are buried in the sand forever.

Helicopter crash site
Helicopter crash site – where you begin your adventure

As you play the game, the desert storm intensifies and threatens to bury everything in its path…including you!

The desert
The Forbidden Desert – where you must excavate tunnels, hidden supplies, water, and the pieces for the ancient flying ship
Water discovered
Discover 2 wells throughout the game play – warning – one well is only a mirage!

Fly ship piece
Excavating a flying ship piece
schematic for assembling the flying ship
Schematic for assembling the flying ship
flying ship partially assembled
Ancient flying ship partially assembled

Why it is good for 10 year olds:

  • encourages cooperative game play
  • encourages social skills for discussing plans – as one wrong decision can cost the crew everything
  • good for problem solving
  • allows for decision making

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