Pandemic Iberia Board Game for 10 Year Olds

Let us step back in time to test our wits and will as we research various infections that threaten to cause a pandemic in the land of Iberia. This board game for 10 year olds is so much fun, and true to the Pandemic game theme.

Pandemic Iberia Map View with infections and train tracks

Are you ready to travel by carriage, train, and perhaps even by ship to prevent the pandemic that lingers during each player turn?

Pandemic Iberia Research
Pandemic Iberia Researched Infection Token

Test your decision making and observation skills as you travel about, researching diseases, making fresh water available, and more!

Why it is a good board game for 10 year olds:

  • Decision making skills are age appropriate
  • Observation skills are age appropriate
  • Theme overall is age appropriate
  • Can make a great discussion starter for children interested in entering a medical field
  • Can make a great discussion starter for children to understand the importance of helping others that have less resources, such as clean water

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